Does mods have problem?


Is it fine if I use picture of a female as my profile picture? Coz doesn’t ban stupid things like banning sellers posting in buyer request, using female profile picture to get sells, banning buyers who review bad and want free work instead of that Fiverr focuses on stupid TOS like no links allowed, no outside contact and some more stuff.

Anyways is it allowed to use a female profile picture?


Actually, moderators have zero control over these. They are unpaid volunteers, who are also sellers, and can only moderate the forum.

They can’t do anything to main site other than report using the same methods you and I do. They also have to wait 24 to 48 hours for a response, just like you and me.


Yes one of the mods told me that. But I’m still wondering if I can use a female profile picture. :joy:


It depends on if you are a female and if it is your picture.


You are more sensible than that. Have patience.


The thing everyone agrees on who is an experienced good seller is that a real picture of you is even better than a fake picture of a female.


What you are actually saying is ‘Due to the TOS I ran out of ways to deceive people, is it OK if I act as if I’m a girl to attract to deceive buyers this way?’

Don’t get me started with what I think of you, otherwise I get banned from the forum for 6 month, lol.


@mariokluser He is a good kid, just a little depressed that his Fiverr business has not taken off. So far he has not done anything wrong.


At least he is asking if it’s ok.


He knows how to make a first impression. :wink:


Yes this is what I meant to do and this what so many people do on Fiverr. I really feel like Fiverr should do something about it.


Fiverr staff (not moderators) have banned hundreds of sellers for posting in BR, sellers who defraud buyers and they also take action again disallowed URLs, outside contact, etc. They can’t get all violators at once any more than police can magically catch all speeding cars instantly. Fiverr keeps working on the problems , one step at a time.

Don’t break any of the rules and don’t deceive people. It’s that simple. You’ve made it clear on the forum that you are not a girl, so I don’t know why you would openly use some girl’s picture now. There are lots of men with male pics who have Top Rated Seller badges, so why bother?


I’ve sometimes wondered if they are. Maybe some people are just better at pretending. :grin: That’s a joke, of course.


:-D. I guess if they have permission from a girlfriend or someone and don’t use some stolen stock or Facebook photo, you wouldn’t know the gender for sure. It would be too much trouble for me to lie about gender. I’d have to remember to use the pronouns and all that. :couple:


Some buyers might prefer buying from men. I don’t understand the whole idea of using a female photo. I know that it works for some types of advertising but not here.


I’m a very sensible woman. Ah this seems like a drag…


Not unless they’re selling something not quite in line with the ToS. :laughing: I have seen a few suspiciously odd ones.


Unless you write “I’m a sensible woman…” when you send an offer over Buyer Request, I don’t think most buyers would care less… not the good buyers though.
I’ve been told recently that if all women would be like me, they would better be single :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
It’s about what you do, and how you do it… not about what you are.