Does more posting on forum increase your gig sales?


Based on your experience, does more posting on forum increase your sales on fiverr ? Let me know…


If you are talking about posting on this forum then …maybe, but if you are talking about posting in general on other forums to get traffic back to your gigs, then definitely yes and one word of advice. If you see people criticizing and getting into " heated discussions" I would stay well away from anything like this as there are also buyers on this forum and other forums, reading, many who do not post and if you come across the wrong way you could lose potential orders and customers.


Nop. But if you post on your gig related forums you will get sales :slight_smile:


I think it will help us to get some new traffic ways, ideas, and suggestion + sales :slight_smile:


Forum posting is symptoms and evidence of you are serious about your gig services. If anyone like your forum posting then he or she might be check your gigs and if interested then probably order it. There is always if then else in online community sharing. These are my personal thoughts.


I check almost every posters gig’s… it add’s a realism that I like about this place… I’d say half my total orders that I have bought are from the forum, some of those people are in this very topic :wink:

I have gotten a few sales from forums


New to the forum: So how does one increase views/traffic to their gig? It seems I’m not getting many views on my gigs, while a similar, more expensive one is swamped and my product appears better. I’m thinking that the members on the forum would probably not be buyers, yes, no?

I’ll be checking out the forum more and "hanging out :wink:


maybe … haha