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Does Multiple Fiverr can be added on a single PayPal?

Hi Dear Community.
As you can realise my question after seeing the title, I want to know about this seriously. I want to add my Fiverr to one PayPal which is already connected to PayPal. As Per I heared that I can do this by adding an additional email in PayPal and then I can add that email in Fiverr. I can do this 8 times If I want. So, I want help from you.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi Sujon,

It’s not allowed to create multiple Fiverr accounts, see the terms of service. Better not register multiple accounts as it might get all of your accounts banned.


In addition to what @miiila said, as stated in the Terms of Service: “A withdrawal provider account can be associated with only one Fiverr profile.”

If you connect more than one Fiverr profile to a PayPal account, all those Fiverr profiles can get banned (and Fiverr can do that without any warning, too).

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I will not create multiple fiverr account , i want to add 2 fiverr account in one paypal by adding an email

But as per i know, a paypal can associated with 8 emails so i think it is possible

It might be possible, but it’s forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

Those 2 accounts will be banned if you do that.


That means, you have 2 fiverr account. I’'ll not surprise if fiverr banned your both account.

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No man. I have only one account. But I have no PayPal account of my own. One of my brother has a fiverr account and he has paypal. SO, he told me that if I want I can use his paypal by adding an extra email. Hope you understand

Forward to CS your question, in the very terms you used on this Forum, and brace yourself.

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Hello, fiverr has very strict rules that say you cannot have more than one account. They will ban all your accounts when they find out you have more than one.

This is definitely not the way to earn more on fiverr. All you need is one account.

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Try to understand I have only one account. I have no Paypal Of my own. That’s why I asked this question here. And all the people think that I have two accounts. If I have two, then I know all of my account will banned and I dont want that. I just want to use one of my brothers PayPal whose already an account in Fiverr. That’s enough. Nothing else

Why don’t you make paypal account - It’s easy and free of cost!! Or If you don’t have paypal. You can withdraw direct bank account :slight_smile:

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Yeah I can. Okay let me think. Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

No, not everyone thinks that. However, what you want to do is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Try to understand that.

Both you and your brother will be banned from Fiverr if you do that. Do you want to do that to yourself, and do you want to do that to your brother?

As @fast_editing suggested, either create your own PayPal account, or withdraw to your bank account (your bank account, not someone else’s).


Yeah Understood. Thanks for suggesting :slight_smile:

One more suggestion : Make sure, You’ll not purchase any gig from your brother fiverr account for send him any extra benefit, like gig rating or boost. If you’ll do then fiverr can ban your account for this kind of activities.:slight_smile:

Yeah I know that :slight_smile: I never did that and will not do that in future also :smiley: