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Does multiple unrelated gigs make you less professional-looking?


That is my question I have been wondering. Does making multiple gigs that are unrelated to each other cause to make the seller appear less professional?

In my opinion it would appear so. I imagine myself being the buyer…probably review the seller’s profile before I make an order. Seeing someone who is offering a professional service while offering a totally different service - that is of a different profession - I would start asking to myself: Is this seller reliable? Is this one even specialized with such profession?

On the other hand, it depends what is the seller is offering…after all it is a $5 service. What do you think? What would be the first impression in the very first seconds from the buyer’s perspective? Should a seller sell his passion and at the same time a secular profession?

Thank you,
(Seller of 2 different professions)

  1. Buyers on Fiverr does not go through USER PROFILE but GIGS via the search page.
    So who you are is only secondary to WHAT YOU SELL.
  2. This is not LinkedIn.
    You are not posting a resume. The only professionalism that matters is your attitude and service when providing them to a buyer.
  3. You should sell what you are GOOD and CONFIDENT in.
    A buyer will notice your delivery quality and judge you based on that.

Good Luck :thumbsup:


Thanks for your reply!


I think it depends.

Unlike @djgodknows, I always check the seller’s profile. If your gigs are related, e.g. all in the technical area but different technical areas, no problem. If you only have two professional areas and you have professional looking gigs in both, no problem.

I think the problem only lies where a seller has a lot of cheap gigs and it looks like they’re not a master of any but just trying their luck.


I’m with @capitalquality.

I do check out sellers other gigs, and if they are all over the place I am unlikely to purchase. I don’t want a seller who appears like they do 20 things, I prefer to work with someone who has experience and specializes.

Also note: $5 is just the starting point. If you’re good at something, that gig will show some depth and usually have some additional options, so that most gigs start at $5, but most purchases are higher.

Some people are successful with tons of different gigs, and just because I view it as a overall negative, doesn’t mean that’s how it works for others.

I’d check out what others are doing in your category, and see what the most successful appear to be doing.


It’s probably a good idea to have some coherency in the services you’re offering. An even better idea is to make buyers feel like that main profession is your passion. But it shouldn’t be a problem to also have (an) unrelated gig(s). Could be beneficial even to a buyers perception of you to offer skills and passion in something that’s not related to how you generate your income.