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Does mutual calcelation affect the gig rank?

Hi, when an order is cancelled with agreement from both seller and buyers, it will automatically refect in ‘order completion’ ratio of seller. Does this mean that the gig rank will be negatively affected?
I have some cases where the buyer said that his client wanted to cancel the job so he asked for order cancellation. in this case if I ask Customer Support to cancel the order, would this affect my gig rank?

Thank you.


Yes, in my thought any cancellation of orders will effect to gig rankings.

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Oh l did not know. I thought reviews are the ones affecting your ranking.

There is no such thing like mutual cancellation. Any cancellation will affect your profile no matter whose mistake it is.

2 years back, Fiverr used to have that feature that mutual cancellation won’t affect seller’s profile. But sellers were started misusing it. So, Fiverr removed that option

One more thing which i hate the most: if buyer doesn’t read the gig message where you clearly say to contact before ordering. That’s how we (sellers) get in trouble by cancelling the order and our ranking goes down.

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