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Does mutual cancellation effect my rating and level in any way?

I had a buyer who wanted data entry work from 1875 pages PDF to excel and then fill 4-5 columns (of over 29000 rows) with web research.

and guess what he wanted all this in $5.

I decided to get some advice from other virtual assistant service provider. one of them said $5500 and one said $150.

Actually BTS was that i sent him an offer linked to my gig which clearly state of $5/140 mins and he didn’t read it properly. when the work started, he acted like he doesn’t belong to this planet.

His behavior was aggressive and was blaming me instead but i handle it with very patience.

Why i have no option to report it? or i need to just submit a ticket and wait.

All things aside, Previous day i had a buyer who placed order and then requested to cancel it by saying it was by mistake.

Now this experience, i feel so helpless as seller.

Do these mutually cancelled order effect my sales, levels, or ratings in any way?

Mutual cancellations do not affect anything. If someone is blaming you and aggressive as you say you should ask for a mutual cancellation.

As far as I can tell, mutual cancellations, which means cancellations that are not forced by Fiver Customer Support or due to late delivery, do not affect your ratings. I have three mutually cancelled orders out of 95 total and have a 100% completion rate and 100% rating. See more here:

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Reply to @misscrystal: Thats great! i was wondering that are mutual cancellation also taken into account Since i need to keep the cancellation percentage low for levels. Heard that one can even lose his level if cancellation iincrease a certain limit.
Thanks Miss for your reply