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Does Mutual Cancellation effect Orders Completed Rates Down?

A few days ago with mutual cancellation, I have canceled a order and then my order completion rates going down :sleepy: . So then Why Mutual Cancellation option is here and what will we benefit from this option?:expressionless:

Cancellation of any sort, no matter what will affect your ratings.

Chargebacks are worse of the worse, you will loose hard earned money, ranking and time also.

And CS will say, β€œwe can’t do anything.”

Many sellers use mutual cancellation when the buyer is asking for more than what the seller offers in a gig. :confused:

Some use mutual cancellation when they fear things are not going well with the buyer and they want to avoid a poor review. :roll_eyes:

Canceling to prevent a bad review, by the way, is why Fiverr instituted the lowered rating for mutual cancellations Too many sellers were canceling to avoid bad reviews and thus abusing the cancellation system. :zipper_mouth_face: