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Does my age matter?


Hello there!

I am a 15 year old graphic designer from London! On my fiverr page I publicly say my age on my fiverr page and all of my gigs. Do you think this limits my orders?

Thank you, Connor :slight_smile:


Hi Connor - does anybody need to know what age you are? If not, why tell them? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there no it’s not important but if you have very good knowledge about your work then you will success here and don’t tell your age no no matter what’s your age.


Hi Connor,

I would keep my age private from my profile and gig.

Nobody needs to know your age, they need to know your skill :slight_smile:


Hi there no it’s not important with your age,keep going with your skills


Hi Connor,

There is no need to tell them your age nobody needs to know your age, they need to know your skills… Good Luck :slight_smile:


Yes and there’s a risk that some buyers might not take you seriously or in worst case scenario they might even take advantage of it. If you combine that with unlimited revisions then you’re basically asking for trouble.

Let’s take your Ebook gig

  • Remove your age
  • Pick a niche rather than saying “I will do any book cover…”. What if someone wants a cover for an adult book? You should add limitations to your gig and focus on certain type of books.
  • You can’t post your own website. You can find the list of allowed domains here (scroll to the bottom)
  • "I can do graphic design: like mockups" - create a separate gig for mockups
  • "I can do editing on photoshop" create a separate gig for photoshop (different keywords, category etc)
  • "I can edit to a professional level in sony vegas pro" it has nothing to do with ebooks, so create a separate gig
  • "I will try and complete your order in one day" you’re not working in a fast food joint. If I place an order when you’re a sleep then you’ve already lost 7-8 hours. Add school and personal stuff, you won’t be able to keep this promise.
  • "I love to get to know my customers and create there visions" you’re not making friends here and check your grammar :slight_smile:
  • "I often have unlimited revisions" do you enjoy working for free? Good customers don’t have time for 10 revisions and bad customers will abuse this. With the ebook gig it’s even confusing that you mention it because your packages say 1-2 revisions so why mention unlimited for that gig?

Look, you have some really good work in your portfolio. As I understand you did the book cover for Clueless in Cleveland. It’s a published book so you’ve already accomplished more than some of your competition, but you’re not really putting enough effort into your portfolio. If needed, hire someone to help you with marketing :wink: