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Does my Commercial Use Livense need to be signed?

I just got my commercial use license for a logo I had done. I see that it says, “By signing this license you accept…” My question is, do I need to sign it end send a copy back to the artists, or do I just retain the file to print and sign if I should ever need it. Do I date it for that day when I use it or must it be dated now?

@e49675 There are different kinds of agreements. One that the seller has you sign, one that you have someone else sign, etc. Did you buy this logo for your own use or for another client? You should probably ask the seller to clarify.

Thank you both for your comments.
Eddie, I bought this logo for my own use primarily to be used in product branding for mass production. Sadly, I closed the gig and he’s not replying. I’m thinking I should sign it and just mail it to him just in case. Maybe sign and date it digitally for my own records as well.

Reply to @e49675: WOW, You actually got a commercial use license? Fantastic. I’ve bought a few of the these and didn’t recieve a document. I’d like to. Was yours generated by the seller or from Fiverr? Could you, would you please post a copy of it here?