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Does my "from" status put people off?


On my fiverr profile it states I am from Vietnam! I am actually from the UK but live in Vietnam! Will this put people off who may think my English will not be good enough? Can I alter “from” to say UK? I am new to fiverr it has only been 24hrs but really want to make this work! Thanks


I believe you should put this in your profile description. This will instill confidence…


Hi, I’m Italian and travel through 3 more different countries. In my Profile it states I’m from Germany.
You can always add in your profile how many languages you speak, there you can choose:
English: Native or Bilingual.
Your “from status” though, could chase potential buyers who are looking for English Native speakers… if they’re not willing to read your whole profile to find it out.
As much as i know: Fiverr takes your “from status” checking your IP address, so no chance to change it.
You can always contact Customer Support and let them see what they can do. However I don’t believe they can change that manually.


Thank you I will do that!


Thanks will contact them and see if they can do that…I know in Asia, Asians can sometimes put pictures of other people on their social media etc to make it look like they are not from Asia or change their name to a western one for whatever reason!!


I think the UK will bring you much more of LUCK and money_orders!



Thanks, me too! Have emailed support to see if it can be changed!