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Does my gig communicate what I do?


Hey everyone :wave:

Thank you so much for taking your time to check out my gig. It means the world to me.

Your posture improvement programme consist of simple, specific movements you can do in front of your laptop, device, gaming station or when your travel.

Keeping people in the game is my entire gig, not just on fiverr, I mean everywhere.

You’ll have more energy to work on the gigs you love and more energy when you come away from your work. To me, that’s what freelancing is all about. Having the energy to do what you like, when you like.

I’ll design your custom plan which will take 2-5 minutes to complete per day (3-5 days per week all whilst you work, no need to take time out apart from your self-designated screen breaks) and be backed up with self-taping tips and self-soft tissue therapy techniques if you need them too. Some do this daily, hey if you spend a couple of minute brushing your teeth daily why not do the same with the rest of your body, you only get one!

I look forward to working with you all,

(Oh… I’m a chartered physiotherapist with experience at the world’s most prestigious sporting events and best leagues, and currently tutor on an MSc programme. I travel a lot so in between all of this I would love to create your programme. As I’m new to this I’ve kept the price rock bottom for the first few orders).

And of course I’ll leave feedback instantly,

Kind regards!


I have a couple of questions, is it ok if I message you first?


Sure thing @tomhurley I’m online at the moment. :+1:


It isn’t clear why you need people’s email address. Why don’t you deliver everything on the order page instead of through email? That way you have proof that everything was delivered. Fiverr might not like communication/sending stuff via email where it really isn’t required for the gig.


Hi @uk1000

Many thanks for your message and it is a great point.
The professional software I use to create the programme requires an email recipient.
However I think I can just email it to myself and link the pdf to the order page. Then the client ordering the gig can download it to their device and I’ve just checked that the hyperlinks to the videos work and indeed they do.

Thanks for this suggestion,

I’ll change this right away!