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Does my gig have potential?


Hey everyone! If one of you experienced users would take a look at my profile and gig, I would appreciate any constructive criticism that would help me land my first sale!


yes you are good keep it up.


Thank you for taking the time to check it out!


diet and exercise program? sounds good!! :slight_smile:

I recommend that you change the image. And put something like a beach with peoples doing exercise , etc… :slight_smile:


Your credentials look solid however potential clients have to be attracted before they can see that you are qualified.

For that reason alone I suggest:

  1. Creating a better gig image (even a video, or a couple of images)
  2. Creating up to 3 gigs for different niches of your choice (or most popular workouts etc.)
  3. Promote - you can search the forum for interesting tips #Fiverr-Tips and you can visit the to learn how everything works.

Best of luck.


That sounds great! Thank you for taking a look!


Those a great tips! Thank you for your help!


I am agree with the above improvements too :slight_smile: Buyer should have to get a proper idea about your service at the first glance


I agree. Thanks for your help!