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Does my gig look presentable or attractive?

I joined Fiverr sometime last year (late 2018), but hadn’t found the motivation or time to properly create a gig until now. Pasted here is a link to my writing gig, I tried to make it look as professional as possible yet would like some advice: Gig

I would really appreciate if someone could just take the time and have a quick look over my gig. Is it presentable? Can it attract buyers despite the fact I am a ‘new seller’?

Thanks a bunch,
Freya :slight_smile:

Hello Freya :slight_smile:

Personally I see nothing wrong with your gigs, I think your description is fine, you
added your writing samples, looks good to me.
I don’t know what is considered a “good” price for writing, and it might be hard to charge
over $5 when you don’t have reviews yet, but I get the feeling you know what you are
doing so maybe for now leave the price as it is and see how things go.
You can always lower them if you want.

Your gig description seems fine, but maybe your profile description could be just a bit longer?
Maybe add a short list of past clients/ books or articles you’ve worked on, what kind of degree you have, things like that.

Hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch :smiley:

I’ll try and work on my profile a bit more, but really sure what to put there right now haha