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Does my gig seem professional? Would you consider buying if you needed the same services and if not why?


I assure you I don’t expect my gig to be perfect but I did my best try at making it as close to perfect as possible but, I wondered. ‘Does this look professional?’ So I decided to come to the forums and ask all you wonderful people, what are your thoughts on my newest gig?


Your gig descriptions are far too long winded about all the steps involved in ordering.

Also many of the descriptions appear to be the same. Suggest you have a look at other gigs in your category to get some ideas as to how to write a description but do not copy anyone.


Is the one specified better? I used a completely different style


It is a bit better but suggest that you do what I suggested. That is all from me.
Maybe someone else will have something to add.


Well, to be honest if we are talking about this spiecific gig then right now we have a lot free apps where we can upload a picture and get the same result in seconds. So I don’t see the reason for people who can use internet more or less on a god level why would they order it.


Hm okay, how about the others if they were to use a description more similar to this gig