Does my Gigs have capability of getting any sales?


Hello, My name is Haris and it would mean a world to me if one of you Awesome people can check out my profile and tell me If anything is wrong or Is there’s any way I can improve my Profile. This is my first time making Gigs, so I would love to get any Tips on how do I get my first order, The first one is giving me a hard time. Thanks <3


I will check it out for you. Perhaps you could reciprocate as we are both new here.


Just checked out your profile so far
Maybe add in some details about how you acquired your expertise ?
And a short introduction about who you are
Just my thoughts


1- You’ll have statistically more possibilities to be found if you spread your Gigs wisely: use all 7 possibilities to create Gigs and offer your services, even when you offer the same, just change titles and keywords.

2- Two of your Gigs have the exact same Tags: that’s a waste, use Tags wisely and change them in your different Gigs, in order to cover more range

3- Your covers as background removal are OK, but you need to improve them a little.
Hint: do not mark the area on the border of any object you’re removing the background, unless you did a pretty good job at it. You’ve missed some hair on your picture and in contrast with the stroked line it looks obvious.
Instead, place your picture on a busy nice background or just use white/single color background when the removal is perfectly done.


Thanks so much for checking out, I was actually testing my gigs, same tags different titles same titles different tags changing settings to see which works best and I’m currently working on my 4th Gig.


Go on creating gigs, please take the colored stroke from the borders, people will concentrate in those points and unless you’re very precise they will see some parts missing.
check point 3 of my advice! :+1:


I changed my Thumbnail, it was meant for my 4th Gig but you raised an important point :slight_smile: How does it look now?


That’s better. Now create two more, and always use all three covers you have for each Gig.

Note: portrait pictures with lots of hair are difficult to cut out, you can improve your technique and upload a picture of those characteristics when you’re precise enough to brag about it within your neighborhood :+1: in the meantime improve! It would take a little to do it precisely, I know what I’m talking about :ghost:


I will create more, you’ll see that in a day or 2 :slight_smile: PS: I didn’t get ‘‘and always use all three covers you have for each Gig’’ Are you talking about thumbnail or description?


Thumbnails are actually what I call covers. You can upload 3 for each Gig, use them all :smile_cat:


You mean like 3 photos in one picture of overall 3 pictures :smiley: PS: Thanks for helping me.


3 overall dude. The one you have now is good


All right, have a good day ahead <3


Your GIGs are nice Keep it up.


Thanks :slight_smile: , Any suggestions for more improvement?