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Does new account is better from old account

Hi, During this pandemic, period hopes you and your family both are well. I had opened my account Dec 2017. But didn’t active at that time in my account. Now last 1 month I am active here, create new gigs, customize my profile. But no response from any clients. One day impression comes very less or someday no impression comes.

I am confused now. What should I do? I am getting a little bit depressed also.

So I am thinking of Deactivate my old account and open a new one. Please suggest to me what can I do now?

my profile: faisalahmed100 | WordPress | Bangladesh | Fiverr

Your suggestion can help me to get away from confusion.

Thank you
Faisal Ahmed

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Fiverr only allows you to have one account, so keep this one.

It’s not easy building a freelance career.

It may take weeks, months, even years to get a job or any steady jobs.

Hang in there.

Do some extra reading on the Forum and visit the section “Fiverr Tips” that may help you out.


Some people getting order in new account from a new gig in a day. Everyday I spends a big amount of time for getting my first order and give a quick response to the clients. But unfortunately I am not getting any inspiration.

My account was created in 2018. I didn’t actually do anything with the account and start selling until 2020.

I don’t think the account’s age has negatively impacted my progress as a seller. Only thing it might do is make particularly nosy buyers assume you haven’t had a lot of business for such a mature account.

Creating a new account most definitely won’t ensure success. Stick with the one you have and make the best out of it.


If you’re currently in communication with potential clients, I would chalk that up as a good sign. What you should be asking yourself is why can’t you turn these conversations into orders. Maybe your communication isn’t up to par, maybe your offer isn’t very clear, maybe they found someone more suitable, etc.

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Thank you so much for your advice.

I think everybody look the review first on a seller profile. If they do not find any review they move to other seller. There is no review in my profile. I think it is a main cause for not getting any client knock.

If this was true, then no one on Fiverr will ever receive an order. It’s just an excuse.

While having a positive review can influence buyers, many are more interested in what your gig offers them, and how you communicate (and that includes how well written your gig is).

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Everyone started out with no reviews. Don’t let that be your excuse, instead dig further in order to see where you could improve.

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