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Does New Early Payout Option Is Just For A Specific Level?

Hi All, as you all know that recently Fiverr has introduced its new future with the name of “Early Payout” in which one can get an early payout of his/her pending funds by paying 1 percent of the pending amount like if you have $100 pending balance you can get it immediately in your Fiverr balance by paying $1 surely it is an amazing feature introduced but I have a question to ask that if this option would available for all including new sellers or it would also be for some specific levels like the gig promotion option?


The Early Payout feature is still a Beta feature, so it’s not available to all sellers. Fiverr hand picked certain sellers who would receive the Early Payout feature!


Hope it would available for all as it is an amazing feature also there is a big profit in it for Fiverr too.