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Does new ID gets more work than old ID?

I am using fiverr for long time. I have created lots of gigs but It was vain. I didn’t get any job. I can’t Understand my mistakes. Can you please help me with your suggestion from your experience. I am using fiverr from 2014. Here is the link of my gig.

Fiverr is really, really competitive. It’s not like it was years ago. You aren’t going to get sales without either having amazing gigs and/or putting tons of efforting into personal marketing. The gig you linked is so expensive that a new buyer would not want to risk buying it from a brand new seller. There are TRS and Pro sellers that start at $100 and many of them still don’t get that kind of money easily.


He also has a $5 gig though…

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That’s why I only mentioned the one that he linked personally. I think he might be looking for easy “big” money? I guess we’ll see.

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Well, since you apparently deleted your questions, I can’t really offer you more help. Best of luck.

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