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Does Not Responding To Offers For Work Requested Affect Your Analytics?


So. I put in a request for work. Got 40 responses. Four would have been plenty. I only see the ability to ‘Cancel’ the offer. No way to contact and say thank you and decline the offer.

Are these 40 offers that I am only able to decline and not contact, going against my analytics? I’m at 88% on my response rate and trying desperately to get back to 90%.

Please advise.

Big Frank


No. You don’t have to respond to offers unless it was sent as a private message. (Unfortunately some sellers do that as well).

Response rate is only counted towards messages (offers through buyer requests are not).


If you thoroughly checked your Notifications/Inbox combo (easy to miss something because sometimes you have 2 “conversation threads” (order page + “normal” inbox) with the same person because of that twofold message box!) and are sure there aren’t any messages, including spam messages, you missed, you probably should contact support and ask them about it - as obviously it should not affect your analytics as a seller if you don’t reply to those BR offers which you can not reply to.

Are you sure that not one of the sellers who sent you offers for your BR didn’t also contact you through your contact me button? Just asking as they could do that, or even sellers who see your BR could contact you without sending an actual offer, since, unlike if you were “only” a buyer, they can look up your name and contact you without sending an offer, or in addition to sending you an offer, and them contacting you outside of sending an offer to the BR, of course would need you to reply to keep your rate up.

Hope I didn’t make it sound as complicated as it is. :wink:

I wouldn’t completely rule out it affecting your analytics even if you’re 100% sure you checked everything else and didn’t miss to reply to any “normal” messages, I recently had my response rate drop by a whopping 5% because I didn’t reply to a spam message by a seller I had a transaction with, and which as far as I was concerned, was over, since I had communicated, completed and rated and all and was the buyer in that transaction, but it still counted, obviously.

So, I’d say, check your Notifications/Inbox once more to make sure there’s nothing you missed, and if there’s not, contact support.


Excellent. TY. Big Frank


Thank you for your detailed response. All sorted. :slight_smile: - Big Frank


Yet there are still those who make “tips” in the tip category of the Forum and their tip is to spam your former buyer! :confounded:

Of course, they do not see it as spamming! :roll_eyes:

Because of this, I no longer wish to use Buyer Requests as the two times I did there were sellers spamming me with responses to my Buyer Request. Now that it counts against my stats as a seller so I do not want to chance it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


THIS happened to me. I used the mobile app and I am wildly obsessive about responding as quickly as possible out of sheer paranoia…someone spammed me (asking me to invest in their business) and I blocked the person assuming that was marking it spam…Keep in mind I use the mobile app and I don’t see an option to mark spam only to block so I went with that assuming all is well…well days later my response drops from 100 to 96%. I’ve had a lot of issues with the response rate system tbh. I had multiple interactions with CS regarding this but nothing was adjusted despite being clearly spammed. Once I realized there was an option to mark it spam, the system should accomodate that and adjust the rate accordingly but instead we are stuck with it for 60 days…