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Does pausing a gig lose its position (ranking)?

Hi all!

I’m going to have a little surgery :face_with_head_bandage:, therefore I’m thinking of pausing my gig for about a week or so.

My gig is currently at a very good position (1st page of the main category) so I’m bit worried about pausing it.

Will this affect on gig ranking?



Yes! As its impressions and clicks are gone it looses its positions as per SERPS of fiverr


Good luck for your sugery.
I think this would not serious problem for your gig.
Because you have good position over there.
Within one week your gig position would change but not as it goes out from first page.
So don’t worry.
Good luck

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I do not have this kind of personal experience but do not agree with @mubieman.

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Yes, Pausing gig can change your rank. Don’t worry. if it’s for one week then there won’t be much loss of ranking.
BTW good luck with your Surgery.

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Don’t do this , hire someone even if there is some loss, take orders , don’t pause gigs, you’ll loose position


Forget your gig ranking - your health is far more important.

Please pause your gigs, and don’t worry about them until you’re better.

All the best with your surgery. :slightly_smiling_face:

To those who think Fiverr is more important to them than their health - it really isn’t! :wink:


I’ve spent the last year searching about fiverr, I invested my time on it, that’s why I give importance.

You are right, we should think more about our health.

We don’t live to work, we work for living


Thank you all for the wishes. Really appreciate it.

I have decided to pause my gig until I get better.

As @offlinehelpers said, Health is more important than Fiverr. Didn’t think like that way before. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Most of the time I get orders from repeated customers so even if I lose my gig position, I don’t think it’s going to make much difference anyways.


I have the experience so told😊


Pausing gig can decrease your ranking but don’t worry! you have to be fit to do your work.
Get well soon.


Yes, I thik so. Your gig will lost it’s ranking.


I don’t pause my gig very often but I use the vacation/out of office mode 10 days/months and I have no problem. The day I come back to work I always receive messages from new buyers or orders.


yes this will effect your standings alot and will take a huge effort to regain the same standings again.

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Right you are, it will happen


Not at high extent.
Just for a little extent.
His gig will not going to last pages.
He will get back his rank soon

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