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Does pausing the gig effect you ranking on fiverr

I am a sound engineer and a recording hiphop artist and I am going back to my hometown for a week or two to spend some time with my family and although i will be taking my gadgets with me however my house is not acousticly treated and hence i wont be able to record songs from my hometown should i pause my rap gig or else completely put vaction mode cause I can still mix and master songs from my hometown but I cant record songs from there should i pause my rap gig and will it effect my rating as my gig appears on the first page of the search . I am confused.


Yeah in matter of fact. It does!

I don’t have a word for sure about the severity of the effects. But, it did happen to me several times before. Although, I would recommend not to pause your gig for a long period of time as it can increase the chances of loosing rankings.

Thanks. Good luck!


If you feel your work will suffer, then yes, pause for sure AND consider using the out-of-office option. It’s your responsibility to offer consistent results to your clients.

In response to the above comment, one week isn’t too long for a gig to be paused, so you should be fine. If not, then you just have to accept that gig rotation happens. Have you read this?


sorry but from what I read elsewhere on the forum there is conflicting advice that setting out of office can seriously damage ranking, for quite a long time, and may not actually recover.

I’m trying to find the thread now but the advice was to set very long gig times instead, if someone orders, well… you have time. if you dont get an order then that’s fine too.

Taking another quick scan through. I think I should have probably waited before making comment on this, although what I said is accurate it isn’t really verifiable. Some people say it does affect others say it does not, etcetc. Since I don’t have any first hand experience on this I probably shouldn’t have commented. Especially as any reduction in orders be it out of office or just no one buying due to the long completion times would probably insult the algorithm and could probably hurt it more by not setting out of office since that would confuse analytics.

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I think pausing the gig will be fine. Hope it does not effect my rating though. Thanks alot for your help :slight_smile:

I’m not sure… But I think … " Yes"

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Yes its effect … don’t paused your gigs