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Does PayPal turn grey when waiting 24hrs


I set up PayPal yesterday. It said I had to wait 24hrs for security reasons. Now my PayPal is grey? What does this mean?


After 24 hours, the button will be clickable and you can withdraw your fund.
you have already mentioned:


You have to wait 24 hours before you can withdraw your revenues. More so, if you don’t have revenues, it’ll also become gray. And keep in mind that you can only withdraw money once a day (once in 24 hours)

P.S. I remember the good old times, many years ago, when we could withdraw anytime, as many times a day as we wanted if we had money in our balance… good old days… However, I do feel more secure now with this once-a-day approach, knowing that if my account gets hacked, I still have half a day or more to get things straight without losing money :smiley:

Fund Withdrawal Link not active for paypal

Thank goodness far that - so glad to see you got it set up. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Yes CS is great… took 3 different people to figure it out. I had to send videos and what not.


The forum is a place of fresh air… :wink:


What do you mean lol


I think @thecreativeguys (I could be wrong, please correct me if I am!) means that this thread is particularly positive and helpful! :wink:


Thanks for clarifying! @offlinehelpers


So 24hrs passed a half hour ago. It’s still grey, now what?


It may not be to the minute 24 hours. But if it is still gray tomorrow I’d pop CS another mail.


Just wait a few more hours - it’s like the 14 days for clearing, really it’s 14ish days! :slight_smile:

@uncarved - you beat me to it! :slight_smile:

Have you come here for the fresh air and positive vibes?


Thanks lol I’m so anxious!


@offlinehelpers yes! I did. lol


This website bug is causing the PayPal button to be gray for longer than 24 hours after the last withdrawal. It shows a “null” pop up message.