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Does personal balance expire?

Does Fiverr balance disappear if it isn’t withdrawn in a long period of time? Thank you.


No. If you earn revenue, those funds are yours until used or withdrawn.

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As the mighty @jonbaas says, the answer is no.

However, be aware that Fiverr is not a bank. Should the business ever face financial difficulty and collapse, your money will not be protected in the same way as it would be in a bank. It’s a personal thing, but you might not want to let your earnings build too much before withdrawing. The risk is very low in my opinion, but still a risk.

Also remember that exchange rates can vary considerably. What might be a fair exchange today might be a terrible exchange rate in six months time.Therefore through no fault of your own you could lose money.

And of course, while your earnings remain with Fiverr it means that you’re not able to earn any interest on the money - but Fiverr will.

So, several good reasons not to leave your earnings with Fiverr for too long!