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Does post removal effect my gig ranking?

My post about suggestions about my gig had been flagged as spam
Will it effect on my gigs ranking or account?
Plz guide ?

No but it can affect our impression of you.

Don’t spam.


No, however I think that the flag was automatically raised because the post contains a typo that turned the word “tips” in another word…


Well thanx
what can I do now to improve that?

It’s simple: to improve on not spamming, don’t spam…

I wanted some guidance or improvements about my gigs, to which fiverr flagged spammed
How may u help me about my gigs, whats the appropriate way?

Make your own topic then. Dont hijack someone else’s thread to ask your question.

Better yet: research the thousands of posts here that address your gig issues.


You need to make your topic under “Improve My Gig.” If it is anyplace else it does get flagged.


Don’t do that again, you will lose impression @harjotsingh5281

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That doesn’t happen. Activity in the forum doesnt affect impressions for your gigs. Who told you that? Please fact check before saying things here.

When I said “impression” I am referred to an impression someone gives off. This differs from the word impression meaning appearance in search results. It is the same word with multiple meanings.

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