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Does posting more gigs ensure more orders?


Presently I have been able to come up with only one gig I’m good at, and am wondering whether I should add more gigs in my area of expertise in order to get more orders. Thoughts on this?


Posting more gigs doesn’t certainly ensure more orders. You’ve got to ensure that what you’re offering is unique and different to other sellers on Fiverr, that it’s value for money and that it provides a high quality result etc. Promoting your gig is also a key factor to getting orders, so make sure you’re promoting whenever possible whether to friends, family, neighbours, social media groups and followers as it’s not about how many services you’re offering, but getting them seen and clicked by potential buyers and getting your services out there.

However, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. Try creating a few more gigs in what you expertise in, offer something unique and eye catching and see what you think and see if you gain any buyers. If not, you can always reduce what you’re offering. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :smile: