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Does posting on LinkedIn helps (for Marketing & PR purposes)?

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I’ve been wondering for quite some time. Does posting quality content in the form of blog posts in LinkedIn – helps you gain exposure and orders on Fiverr? LinkedIn has been a subject for a lot of controversial talk with many people stating it’s not worth it to use it anymore.

It’s supposed to be the Business Facebook, but is it?

Any thoughts on that? :writing_hand:

It depends how many connections you have, who they are and who will see the content.
I know some freelancers who only use LinkedIn for promoting their business and they keep FB for personal stuff.

I think pretty much any platform can be used for promoting your services as long as your target audience is on that platform.

Personally I don’t use FB, LinkedIn nor Twitter simply because I get most of my projects through referrals. Heck, I don’t even know how to use Twitter :smiley: I’ve just never had the need to vomit every thought I have to random people :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of people have unrealistic expectations. They sign up for LinkedIn and expect to get hired the next day. If that doesn’t happen then of course they blame LinkedIn. It’s the same with Fiverr. People create a gig and if they don’t get a sale they act surprised.

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Twitter is useless if you don’t have a steady following. I see a decline in social media trust. Maybe that’s it. The forums’ times are returning back, kind of.

I have 1 connection on LinkedIn, and how do you make connections with people that don’t know you. It’s pretty impossible. Maybe posting quality content will intrigue some people and they will eventually follow you so they can read your posts. That was my main idea here.

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If you have only 1 connection then you have a long way to go.
Sure, you can join some groups, post articles, engage in relevant conversations, but it will take time.

If I was you, I would first try to find out if your target audience is even on that platform.
I can’t speak for others, but if I need an article then I would use a platform like Fiverr not LinkedIn. I don’t know what your long-term plan is, but I would probably work on my Fiverr gig rather than post articles in LinkedIn hoping that maybe someone will notice.

Now if you have a lot of time on your hands then start a blog. Pick a platform meant for blogging and start writing. Most likely you won’t get a ton of organic traffic, but at least you will have something to show for when buyers ask for samples.


Honestly, I only started doing the articles because that’s the only thing that sold. Almost 100% of my orders and that Level 1 spec is from the articles. I specialize in web design mostly, but since I tend to charge a lot and my work is perfected until the very millimeter, decided not to offer it here for now because the price I believe is what scares a lot of people. It speaks badly when a gig is active but says zero orders. Means something’s wrong with it. Anyways, blogging might do. I can do that on a personal website.

If you’re good then design gigs are probably more effective. Yes, the market is over saturated, but let’s face it, a lot of them are just crap.

You can build your gig gradually.

  • You can raise your prices gradually
  • You can assign projects to whichever gig you like. Let’s say you’re making a custom offer, you can pick a gig that matches the work, but doesn’t have any reviews.
  • You can add more value to the gigs
  • You can change the packages

Most of us didn’t start with the prices we have now and I bet the gig descriptions change as we continue to add more value. There are designers who started with banners at a lower price range and now offer full branding services.

Anyway, if you like blogging then go with that. I would recommend focusing on a niche rather than writing random stuff, but I guess both ways work.


Finding non-saturated niche, even for a specific language or a country is so difficult nowadays. I’m still researching but my researches end up in the rubbish bin for now.

Most of the services are pretty awful but Google search doesn’t know that.

I’m sure there are consultants here who can help you find a suitable niche. Sometimes it’s easier to hire a professional for research. You just need to pick the right person for the job :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for design, but when it comes to building websites, most people don’t hire me because they can’t learn WordPress on their own. They hire me because I already have the knowledge and experience. They don’t have the time nor will to become developers, they want a working solution. They want to focus on their business while someone else takes care of the technical stuff.

If you’re stuck with market research then find a professional who does this for living and let them help you get started. You can probably find the right niche on your own, but is it worth spending hours, days or weeks on it.
Now, hiring a consultant will probably cost you as they need to spend time getting to know you first, but if you find someone good then it’s an investment that will be paid off at some point :slight_smile:

There are a ton of talented people on this platform, but not all of them are successful. It’s mostly because they don’t know how to sell their service and they are afraid to take risks or too cheap to ask help from professionals. I’m not the best salesperson, but if Fiverr would allow multiple accounts I would definitely create an account for reselling. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a mistake by not learning anything about marketing or analytics. I thought that was all a joke, until a few months ago me and my partner bankrupted our previous business so I had to try and offer what I was good at. The other thing I was good at. With my previous business I didn’t market anything, it just took off because we monopolized it from the beginning. When you’re the only one offering something, it’s pretty easy. It’s only you who show in the search. No need to market anything, lol. Anyways, finding a professional might be a good idea.

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