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Does posting on medium help?

Hi guys, so, i was planning on creating an account on medium and start blogging there since it seems to be very popular, but the ultimate goal of doing this is so i can link back to my fiverr gig, maybe so the articles there could act like samples to potential buyers.
But before i embark on this journey which i think is going to require some work, i wanted to ask anyone who have tried this? Does it work? Or i’m i just wasting my time?
Any help is appreciated.


Yes it will work. Try on both hug pages and medium.


No. It won’t work. As soon as most people online see a link to a Fiverr gig, they think "well, here I am again at the rear end of the Internet,"

You also need to think logically. Even if people do read your article and think "wow, I want to hire this guy now," clicking links will take them to your gig page where Fiverr displays ads on behalf of other sellers selling similar services.

It is smarter to point Medium and other site visitors to your own website. Then when people contact you, you can point them to Fiverr and invite them to order with you here for the benefit of payment security, etc.


Wow, this actually makes sense, I might just end up advertising for someone else. I’m glad I came to the forum first, thanks a lot Cyaxrex!


Can i use the refer and earn option on medium with my gig?