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Does "Profile Completion" have impact on Search, Sales or other?


Does “Profile Completion” have an impact on Search, Sales or other aspects of success on Fiverr?


I doubt it. I can’t confirm it, but I can’t see it being much of an impact on your visibility at least, not for me. It seems the most important factor to visibility on searches is short enough titles, and specific enough keywords and the level of competition for that particular gig category. There are some categories that even with a vague or long title, you can be page one on. Others seem to require much more specific information. So it’s more on a “per gig basis” then on any other factors. I am sure to some degree levels play a role. You also have a high chance of getting featured on a particular gig if you pick a fairly uncompetitive category without many active “featured” gigs and contact CS to inquire about it.