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Does profile picture really Impact on your sales?


As from my experience I think it is ( actually I am doing this experiment from last some days ).

Well as a buyer I mostly buy Gig ( with Good reviews ) yesterday I was buying a Gig of Cartoon avatar so I search for Gigs and I found many Top Rated seller’s But I didn’t choose any of them ( Mostly I see the profile picture not friendly ) and I ordered the Gig from Level 2 seller Having Profile picture with Smiling Face and clear Background

If you have experience something Like this then Kindly share it.


Yes. That is why most business companies want good looking employees.


What does a good looking employee have anything to do with a profile picture for a freelancer? That makes no sense. Plus, what you stated can’t be more further from the truth.


Really?!!! That is so interesting. Is that a fact? I would love to read more about it!