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Does promoting on social media sites really bring sales?

Hello fellow fiverrers!

I was just wondering if anyone has made sales from promoting on social media? Not just views but actual sales? If so what social media site has been the most successful for you? I’ve been promoting on Twitter, facebook, and have been posting my work on pinterest. I do get a ton of views by doing this but no sales yet. I’m not complaining because as a newbie I think I’ve been doing pretty good! Just wondering how other sellers are doing with social media and if it’s worth it. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category!

I get many sales from social media ads, but I target pages/groups that are related to the service that I offer.

Well it depends how popular is your social media account… For example I’m doing Twitter promotion… I have more then 100k followers and my biggest gig order was ~300 USD - I mean in single transaction… So not bad I thing =)

Few days ago I saw fiverr sponsored post on facebook. It was gig of one top rated seller. I wasn’t sure if the seller was the one who is sponsoring his gig, or it was actually fiverr doing it for its users.

So I contacted the seller with private message asking him if he is doing some marketing and what works best for him, what is it that he was doing to become top rated seller? The person responded to me that he does not do any marketing on his gig(s)+, nor on facebook nor anywhere else. Further more the seller said that he doesn’t even has facebook account.

This for me, means two great things:

  1. Internet marketing even as easy as facebook ad works, and it works for sure. Now I know that part of the reason why this seller was having so many orders was facebook sponsored link with his gig.
  2. Probably after you reach top rated seller, or something, actually fiverr is doing some marketing for you, helping you to go higher. This is especially handy for those who are no familiar with internet marketing.

Those things are always good to hear.

If you are getting views but no conversion to sales then it’s one of two things…either the traffic you are bringing is not targeted enough traffic or the gigs themselves aren’t that good.

I took at a look at your page. One of your biggest problem is you have no portfolio samples for any of your gigs, just the one front gig image. And on a gig for example where you are selling that you make social media cover banners, you have none! Why would anyone buy something if they do not see an actual real sample? Add at least 3 samples of real work to every gig and that might help a great deal in getting sales.

Why is Fiveer helping 2 level sellers and not any of the newbes? All should be promoted by Fiveer and not only top rated sellers!

@pixelpurfect This is a good conversation starter. When you post, just look at the category names. Of course there is some overlapping, like your thoughts and questions here led to some tops for sellers, but the post itself wasn’t primarily a general tips for sellers. You started it with a commonly asked question, so Fiverr FAQ would work, as would Conversations since it appears worded to start and ongoing discussion. I hope that helps! I’ll move it to Conversations for you now.

I have made a couple of sales from promoting on Twitter and Facebook, but I don’t have a very large following and my following is a diverse group of people interested in the things I like.

I suppose that if I targeted bloggers very specifically, or animal enthusiasts, that might get me more sales on my writing gigs. I think the sales I have made were by authors of Kindle Unlimited books who wanted them downloaded, read, and critiqued. Many of my followers are into books. So, I think it works but the audience is critical. I get more sales from the Fiverr site itself so far.

Hi, yes social media sites is one popular tool these days that could help businesses boost their income because people are more indulge to make their purchases online for convenience.

I think it depends on how popular you’re on social media and if you target the right audience, you cannot publish a web coding gig in a food recipes Facebook page, I don’t say it’s impossible to get sales, but the rate of getting any will be low.

It’s all marketing, and social media marketing has its own guidelines and rules. the more you research on the topic the easier it becomes for you to get sales from social media.

Best of Luck!

I have never used social media or any promotion outside of Fiverr. When I started, I offered lean deals. In a well saturated market, I offered for $5.00 what my competitors were doing for $25.00. I also delivered in 24 hours, when they were 7 days. this got me 100 orders in 60 days.

In the beginning it is about the number of orders and 100% feedback.

To me, social media is not quite compatible with Fiverr. You can hardly build a brand or reputation by promoting on your social network as it’ll look over-promotional. I know that as I’ve experienced it.

Now I host a website instead, and it’s bringing me irregular sales to me. I don’t particularly ask how my buyers find my services. But when they tell me they see my portfolio through Google, I know it’s working quite well.

@sincere18 just a question maybe you are not the right person or not but how can one show portfolios on one work here if all of my work are based on confidentiality? Thanks.

Wow thank you so much for your insight and these suggestions will definitely be put to good use. Enjoy your day.

Reply to @escape_: I think the person that started this discussion meant they are doign their own promotion on social media.

Fiverr promotions on social media are different. And I am guessing they are not going to promote newbies publically like that until they know that they can do the work and are good sellers. There are too many scammers out there and people that new people that can post a gig that looks really good but then they do not really do good work. Once you get some sales and some feedback and move up then Fiverr knows you are a good seller.

Reply to @julipalmer7: That’s a problem with any freelancer, not just here on Fiverr. But my suggestion for that type of a situation where you cannot show portfolios of your work, is to make something up. Not just anything, but create a company name and then do whatever it is that you do design wise or creatively, and use that as a portfolio. Another thing some freelancers I know have done is offered to work for free for a non-profit to donate their work to help build their portfolio. But you have to ask for permission first.

Those are just a few ideas.