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Does Quora really helpful for fiverr Marketing & Increase sell?

It’s sales, not “sells.”

Like anything, it depends on the value of your comments on Quora and how in-demand they are.


really…ok thanks for your information…can you tell me is there any other option to increase sales?

ok …so tell me how can i marketing there…

Quora can only help with marketing and “increase sell” if you use your technical know-how and skills to help out Quora posters who are in need of help.

It is possible that some Quora users might find your answers helpful and are impressed by your knowledge. They might then decide to purchase from you or recommend you to people they know. So, it is a type of indirect marketing.

However, directly requesting users to purchase from you or sharing your Fiverr username or w/e is not going to help you get more sales from Quora.


Please do your own market research, instead of asking other people to do your work for you.

You cannot directly market on Quora.

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Check this out: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR for other options.


Quara is the best marketing place promote any links it depends on the value of your comments on Quora. Thanks

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@best_servic, please do not give bad advice. Quora is NOT a marketing website. It is an answers website, where people can provide answers to other people’s questions. Quora is NOT “the best marketing place [to] promote links”.


Why not look it up?

That’s what we all do. The forum isn’t a replacement for research and initiative. There are many resources online about this. All you have to do is search and read.

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No. Quora isn’t an online billboard and no one wants to see promotion there and you’ll get banned and look really unprofessional if you are do what you are proposing, which is spam.

You only get success on Quora organically through sharing insightful advice that people want and need. Then people see that you know your stuff and check you out.

Why are so many sellers interested in spamming? I don’t get it.


Laziness. Certain new sellers want maximum possible results for the least possible work or investment. Unfortunately, that is not how business – or success – works.


That about sums it up.

And they want you to do the work for them.

If even Googling a concept is too much work for a seller, they shouldn’t be in business. The forum doesn’t exist to foster laziness.


Amen to that! …

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Thanks for your precious advice…

so can you tell me which website is the best for promoting links

You can figure this out for yourself by doing your own market research.

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Thank you for your advice…

Got some new information about quora and marketing :slight_smile:

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how much you know about #quora …do you think its helpful for promoting gigs?

@jonbaas Also said the “Quora” is not a marketing website. It’s just a Q & A website.