Does really the average buyer give value to sellers work?


This is a question I wonder everyday when I see and hear buyer statements as " for the right people this would be easy" or “It’s so simple so it won’t cost you anything” “my budget for create a hollywood vfx is 5$”. In some way by permiting this kind of comments we’re fomenting a devaluation of our work as it’s not only the time it takes to do the work but the time you spent learning to do those works in a professional manner, and I personally see many of this statements as an insult to our work and ourselves as professionals.

I wanna know another opinions to this respect.



I value and respect the great work of 5r sellers. I’ve ran across more professional sellers who deliver top quality work than any other site.

I get great work for great price. I have a long list of great sellers that I :heart: that I use frequently. Where else can I get amazing artwork, designs, writing, proofing at the cost that I get here?

Some sellers run into buyers who do not appreciate the full complexity of the deal they are getting, but I’d like to think that most buyers are appreciative. :slight_smile:


It’s good to hear there are buyers like you who values other peoples work. Even if one isn’t a 5r seller (not my case I’m being selective with buyers in order to obtain best results for them and best reviews for me), saving the scammers, generally sellers work hard and try their best to make buyers happy .
Thanks for your sincere opinion.


I see those comments in buyer requests every day and I just keep scrolling down the list.
People who don’t value the effort sellers put into their work, deserve sellers who promise 100% satisfaction, unlimited revisions and sell stolen work.

For every buyer there’s a seller. Don’t waste your time on buyers who don’t value your efforts.