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Does reducing delivery time attract buyers!


Hello again,
I’m wondering to know if reducing delivery time will attract buyers ??
Thanks !


It can do. There will always be buyers out there who are looking for a fast turnaround.


So it’s not always the case right ? I tried to reduce the time and making the work for a cheap price hoping that’s gonna give a good result


Well, do your customers want shorter delivery times?

There is no easy answer for gaining new customers. Experiment. Try different things until your customers start hiring you.


Yes some buyers can choose sortter delivery time if they need some quick jobs done, some are not.


I don’t think so that it will infact you are creating problem for ypurself if you try to attract buyers by making delivery time less that in what time you can deliver.

I prefer to keep more time because people do need revision on the thing be it in any niche so better to keep good time. The attraction of buyer depends on the Gig des, Gig images and lastly your way of communication and attracting the buyer by showing him why he shall hire you.


It varies Buyer to Buyer Some want faster turn around but quality is also important high quality work requires time


Yes it can attract clients. But make sure your deliver make client fully satisfied.
Then only you can get more clients. But if you are trying to deliver low quality things within less deliver time forget about is. :slight_smile:
good luck


30% of them wants to see some concepts within 12 hours of ordering !


If that isn’t practical, just say no. In fact, you shouldn’t be doing any work for clients unless they hire you first. Otherwise, you’re just giving away your services for free (which may actually be what the buyer is trying to get you to do in the first place). :wink:


Thank you very much :heart_eyes:


Some time works, some time doesn’t. Depends on buyer. Don’t compromise the quality to gain some extra impression.