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Does 'remove request' flag Fiverr admin to dodgy buyer's requests?

I click ‘remove request’ whenever I see people post about their services, not requesting them. Does this do anything other than make me less annoyed at all the people not following rules?

(Yes, I’m very into people not breaking rules!)


Hi Lisa, I fear it doesn´t do any more than hiding it from yourself,
if you´d like to, you can go to one of the several :wink: Fiverr Site Suggestions suggesting a report button for those and bump it, here´s a link to mine, as it´s easy to find for me, but you can find more of 'em.


I hope it doesn’t flag it because I remove all requests that are not relevant for me :slight_smile:
I don’t want to go through hundreds of old requests every day. Once I remove a request I won’t see it again.

However, there should be a report option because right now it’s easier to send an education message to a spammer than report it to CS.


Voted! Thank you! :slight_smile: ya I always wondered if there was a way to report them, I often remove the requests too.


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