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Does response rate affect sales?

Recently had a very rude customer that ended up cancelling their orders. Will this affect my ability to be seen by others?

You have 5 star rating and two positive reviews and that will matter…good luck and don’t worry about the cancelling a single order…just do the best in future…

Thanks, I hope it’ll work out.

It won’t really affect. I have to cancel sometimes too and I didn’t notice this factor as decrease in sales. However I notice that sometimes the gigs can be disappeared from Fiverr Search, but I think this is not related with each other :slight_smile:

As your sales increase more will cancel on you. It’s a natural occurrence. Don’t worry too much about it. Just keep on doing great work and the buyers will come. At least that’s what’s happening to me of recent.

If it was a mutual cancelation thencit won’t affect you but if it was a cancelation for late delivery or poor review then it will affect you. However, put as much as you can in the description to avoid any confusion. It has helped me avoid problems many times. Hope this helps :slight_smile: