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Does response rate effects on anything?


Hello Guys,

My first month was awesome in Fiverr. I’ve completed 8 orders but after hitting the level 1 not getting much response and orders.

My response rate is: 78%

please suggest me… i need a help :wink:


to raise response rate make sure you answer every first message you receive as quickly as you can.


but they always message me when i go offline :smiley:

they play with me hide and seek i guess :blush:


It’s better than my 33%.


what do you mean by 33% ???


My response rate is 33%.


so is that slower the priority when i send buyer request and effect on orders ?


I’m not sure I’m noob.


You have 24 hours to respond before it affects your response rate. Make sure you’re online at least every 24 hours. Respond to every message even if it’s to say you can’t help them.