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Does response time affect if someone message me and in conversation this message shown (seller name) will no longer be able to contact you


I am new not here in fiverr but not too old as well i am learning something even now day by day about new thing.
i haved received many time messages from buyer or even seller. i noticed when i click to reply them i noticed there was a alert message in place of message writing area.

“(seller/buyer name) will no longer be able to contact you . Submit an unspam request to undo this.”

i am wondering if i don’t reply him/her so it would affect my response time?



No, it will not. That means that Fiverr has disabled their messages due to the likelihood of them being a spam account, so you wouldn’t really be expected to want to answer them anyway.


thanks for your quick response.


may i ask another question in this same conversation.


Go for it. I’ll help if I can.


Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug on Fiverr (don’t know if it’s fixed) which affects your response rate on such cases. If it does, you can contact Fiverr CS to restore the response rate.


it shouldn’t but it will. If it worries you, send a message to CS and ask them to adjust it back again.


Sometimes you can mark it unspam, send a reply like “No spam.” and then mark it spam again. That can be a workaround for the bug. It doesn’t always work, though, so if it affects you too much you can contact CS as others have said. I wouldn’t bother if it affects you minimally, but if it is enough to make your response time look poor, then open a ticket. :slight_smile:


@thewriterfiver as i know there are 4 types of seller here in fiverr

  1. newbe
  2. 1st level
  3. 2nd level
  4. TRS
    currently i am in 2nd level and i want to become TRS as everyone want. i have seen criteria to become TRS
  • Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Have a low cancellation rate
  • Community leadership
  • Volume of sales

here i am bit confused in two of theme criteria

  • Exceptional customer care ( how can i do that )
  • Community leadership ( how can i do that )
  • Volume of sales ( how many number of sales can think as good volume )

please guid me if you or anyone know.



  1. Exceptional customer care is making sure all your interactions with customers are polite, friendly, and helping them solve problems in a timely manner, and within limits. Orders should be delivered on time, messages answered as soon as possible, etc.

  2. Community leadership is helping others as best you can, giving insight, and making original contributions to conversation.

  3. It varies by industry. There is no real set number, as there are top sellers with less than a thousand sales, and level two sellers with over a thousand.

I think reading through the list of articles here:

will help you the most.

Stay within the guidelines, and best of luck.


I would urge you to redefine this because “Community Leadership” does not ONLY mean helping others in the forum

You have to attend Fiverr events amongst a plethora of other things.

People will read your 2nd point and as always start spamming the forum by thinking they are showing COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP.

Others can attest to what I just said…


While I understand your points, I was speaking from the point of view of a person without Fiverr events in their home country. I know not everyone will be able to do this, so I kept it as general as I could.

And I did specify ‘original contributions’. Saying generic things on twenty different posts that contribute nothing to a conversation is not what I am suggesting at all. Thanks for the feedback.


I KNOW what you were implying, and I am sure YOU understood my point as well because it seems we both understand English.

But my insistence on you modifying that statement was due to this:

Community leadership is helping others as best you can here on the forum

The next Tom, Dick and Harry, who will stumble upon your comment will only read SO FAR, and then will begin the bombardment of unrelated postings without understanding anything.

Not everyone is articulate in English like you and me in this forum, I am quite sure you are aware of that.

I can list numerous threads created solely for that purpose under the false pretense that they are now heading towards TRS by being unhelpfully active on the forum.


As this point was bolded it was my understanding that it was the main point of the reply. I have edited my response accordingly, and will be more careful with my wording in the future.


Thank you very much Sir. :ok_hand:

No, please speak freely here on the forums.:relaxed:

The only reason, I wanted to point out is because it becomes an absolute nuisance when people who does not understand that and come on the forum out of the blue posting nonsense and just degrading the forum quality over all.

It is for the benefit for all of us who enjoy the good quality of content here otherwise.:+1: