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Does reviews help your possibility of your gig getting seen?


Hi, I been on Fiverr since August of last year, and I recently got one gig, finally but it was from one of those top seller buyers, she was a bit coo-coo but friendly, then she just stopped talking to me, and I finished her order sent it, before due date. She never responded or asked for revision and I gave her unlimited, lol but still nothing, she didn’t say thank you, nor did she leave me a review or rating.

She marked the order complete, the day it was due and like almost a 1hr before it was gone be automatically completed still ain’t say nothing to me. With all that being said, it pissed me off cause I’m over here thinking i did such a good job with giving this person what they want, but they didn’t leave anything and I wonder if that effect me from getting more work? Does it matter?


Buyers don’t have to complete their order or leave a review. They pay, you deliver the work.

Anything else is a bonus! :wink:


And I understand that, I’m just curious because they don’t, with me not having ZIP reviews or ratings, effect my chances of getting more work or not at all?


To be honest I don’t think 1 review either way will make much of a difference.

Good luck on getting your next one! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, that’s what I just wanted to know. And I appreciate the gesture, very hope so, thanks again.