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Does Revision means creating new logo?


Hello Everybody.
I’m a graphic designer and have a quesion concerning revisions.

If my Basic Package contains 2 logos and client wants a new one, does it mean revision or creating a new logo for which he must to pay?


If the buyer is asking for something completely different from the original request, yes, that is a new logo. Revision is something like moving/adding something small, changing size and color, stuff like that.

For example if a buyer asked me to draw a bird logo with the word “Cafe Bird” at the bottom, and
asked me to change the font/size, that’s a revision. If I’m asked to make the colors darker, that’s a revision too. Adding a little necktie to the bird? Well, that’s kind of in the gray area but the original logo is the same so I guess that’s OK too.

But if the buyer asks for a different bird or a different pose, that’s a new gig.

Well, at least for me.

You might want to make it clear in your description about what you define as a revision.


Okay understood, thank you very much))


That’s up to you.
You’re new and you should decide what to do in these situations.
In your position, I would do my best to make my client happy, and build up my reviews, but you need to decide if overdelivering is good in this case, because is you who has the contact with your buyer.
Normally a revision is a small change in something, in the work you deliver.
Creating something completely else is not a revision anymore, but a new job.
The ball is on your side now, you can ask kindly to your buyer to add $$ to the ongoing job, and see what his reaction will be, and act in consequence.
Give it a try.


I’m just doing all the time what client wants and my work becomes too much difficult. That’s why I put the quantity of revisions but clients just don’t see it. For good clients it’s not a problem, but for another part…and they want not only the revisions but more formats without even leaving a tip. I’ll try to do as you said. Thank you!


It is difficult when you start. But you should also value your work and your time.
Serious clients will appreciate your work, leave tips, etc. But you still need to make yourself “known”.
As it’s you who has the contact with the client, you can decide if it’s ok to work more, maybe in order to get more work from this client in the future.
Asking kindly is always a good way, always being professional and not falling into discussions or bad moments with your clients.
Show yourself sure about what you ask, and be proud of your work…
Good buyers will find you if you keep always in mind these three things: respect, professionality, and good manners :slight_smile:


Thank you for an advice))