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Does revisions affect my delivery time rating?

Hi all,

it often happens that a buyer asks for a few, late revisions. I re-deliver the first revision on time, but if there are more, the order says “LATE”

Does this affect my ratings?


Shortly: no it doesn’t.


it certainly affects delivery rate. I think Fiverr offers only 24 hours for revision. After the first 24 hours, the order becomes LATE regardless.

It doesn’t affect your ratings.
Seller’s help center clearly says:
Note: The seller is not timed on delivering their revisions.


Please do not confuse people if you are not sure or never encountered this situation yourself. Giving misleading information to people might get them into trouble.


Good to know!
Thank you

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Well, my comment was based on my experience. I’ve experienced drop in delivery rate when I delivered revision after the free 24 hours given to me when a buyer requests revision.

You can contact customer support too.

Are you aware that Fiverr countdown timer resets to 24 hours when a buyer requests revision and eventually says “LATE” after the 24 hours exhausts?

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As many other sellers suggested, it doesn’t affect your ratings at all.

As I mentioned before your “orders late” statics will remain the same and wouldn’t be affected. I had a lot of orders that take more than 24h for revisions and my statistics still at 100% percent.


I am glad to read this as I have this happening: Buyer asks for modifications with the order, then to cancel it… So I try to cancel the order through resolution centre and he is not replying… So the order now is marked as late for almost 3 days till it is canceled by itself…