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Does sales on Fiverr dramatically decreased to all sellers?

For me the sales dramatically decreased. I promoted my gigs each day, aggressively, but without good results. Then I started to watch to the delivered orders of main competitors (including many Top Rated sellers), and I saw that they also had a fewer sales each day.

So, what’s going on with Fiverr?


Sales in any business are not the same every day; that’s the reality of any retail business. Do a forum search on your question if you want more confirmation, as it’s been asked about & answered hundreds of times.

I’m a buyer who just started my account today and I’m finding that nothing is appearing on my fiverr homepage at all including being able to communicate with any sellers. Here’s a pic

Reply to @eonelixers: That’s very odd. Whenever I have a problem navigating or using the site, I log off, clear my history/cache and cookies, then log back in. Fiverr is optimized for Chrome or Mozilla browsers, which I don’t use, and can be glitchy for other browsers. If you’re still having problems, be sure to update your browser (I’ve noticed far fewer problems since my last several updates, whether due to Fiverr or my browser, I can’t say) or send a request to Fiverr’s Customer Support (<-those words are a hyperlink) to see if tech support can assist you.