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Does same titles effect the ranking of gig?


My question is some one told me here that my all gigs have same name like intro logo video therefore your all gigs are disappeared if this is right then what should i do please guide me thanks

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It is not recommended to have same titles for gigs, So better is to give different titles.


Thanks all my gigs have different title but one thing is same in all gigs like logo intro video, video or intro is this wrong?


That’s fine but have little variations in it; like Intro Video, Logo video, animated Text video etc. Hope you got it.


Thanks to guide me about this


For one service you should keep only one Gig.

If you are offering different services you can keep multiple gigs for each service.

If you have more than one gig for a particular service… fiver editorial team will not promote you.

I do intro video service and if have many intros then i should make more then one gig i can not offer all the intros in one gig

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Under your Intro service if you have different variations then you can create multiple gigs. but make sure both are different from each other and different titled.

eg : Stunning intro / Minimalistic / 3D … etc

Thank you irshan_cool i will follow this

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Since you are clearly reselling videohive templates illegally,
you can always copy their titles and descriptions as well.

Don’t just copy the actual logo animations.
Copy everything.

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Thanks frank will think about it

Think about what?

Actually copying everything?

I was being sarcastic.

Your gigs will be taken down at some point, since you are clearly selling templates that don’t belong to you.


I think @smartseoz hasn’t got your point Frank.

frank your point is good i will apply on my one gig if it work then i will apply to all

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what point exactly?

I think you completely misread what I’m saying.

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you are saying i sale templates and you also know there many seller selling same thing

Frank you think only i selling templates but look on fiverr there are so many sellers are selling same thing

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You couldn’t be more wrong.

You could try, but I don’t think you could.

I will stop replying now if that’s okie-dokie with everyone.

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