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Does seller country of origin effect your buying behaviour?

Hi, I am social media marketing strategist from Indonesia. I am sure that most of you here have ever bought some Gigs from other seller.
I want to ask your personal preferences, does seller country of origin affect your decision to purchase Gigs from them? and if yes, may I ask why? thanks (I asked this because I see that Fiverr put seller country on filter process that you can pick)


My Nigerianness is killing my chances here


It could affect the decision since the client prefer to talk the same language of the seller for examples, but there are quite a lot of reasons.
There are Top Rated Seller from literally every country, so there’s no discrimination among nationalities in terms of profile visibility or given chances, you just need to work in the most efficient, productive and qualitative way possible.

That’s it.

If I am buyer I will most definitely will be more comfortable discussing specific project with someone in my country or origin If I have trustful companion…
Eventually end of the day quality is a big thing for selling any services

I have delivered tonnes of gigs for clients from various countries since 2017 till date. These clients do not reach me directly, I got those gigs from sellers on this platform that understood how this platform works, hence, they resorted to using fake profiles to deliver their services across various clients from different continents.

I won’t disclose them here, but I do have strong preferences, both as buyer and seller, for certain countries versus others. It’s all from personal experience - after dealing with hundreds of people from all over the world, certain patterns start to emerge, mainly on communication, culture and, specially and above all, budget. There are always exceptions, but both as a buyer and seller your time is money, can’t be looking around for the exception.

I think “No”, it genuinely depends on your Gig and its performance. More your Gig get highlighted and clicked, more chances of getting enquiries. All the best.