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Does Send Requests Affect your gigs?


I Started fiverr last this month and 1 order completed and 25 offer sent to buyer requests but never a buyer respond me of my offer. So my question is that if no buyer responded to my offer but does increasing my sent offers will increase impressions etc on my gigs or any other benefit?


Not yet @sunnykingkoh
You need promote your gigs through social media. That’s the right way to get impressions


It might increase your clicks and views. But I am not sure about the impression.


After more clicks and views his gig rank on fiverr.
So then fiverr give impressions for his gig :slight_smile: ( I mean keyword searching clients or sellers)


The most important thing is the number of orders. The next need to get good reviews


be patient it will work slowly… and send buyer request daily you will get more clicks and impressions too.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


I had the same experience and after a while people began to respond to my request. Guess you just have to work your way up the ladder.


Am not sure it affects your gig in anyway but rather increase the number of views to your gig.
Some of the people you send request to might later contact you.