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Does SEO optimisation help your gigs?

I recently purchases a gig for SEO optimisation on my discord server making gig and it didn’t really affect anything so I started this poll to ask for who thinks it useful who doesn’t

  • Yes SEO optimisation is very useful
  • No SEO optimisation isn’t useful
  • My answer is a reply

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SEO Doesn’t work for Fiverr Gigs, Fiverr have there own algorithm to list all the gigs according to seller performance.

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Nah like upgrading description and SEO title that should increase your exposure

Yes, that might help when Buyer reaches to your profile.

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Did the service you purchased include tags? Because only some of the tags you have are good.
[chat] [cheap discord] [discord bot] [discord] [discord server]

And what are all these in your gig description??

Maybe 4 are actually relevant to your gig.


SEO does help … but it doesn’t work the same way as SEO for search engines like google.


you can use tags to rank gigs and also do off page SEO(go to details of your image >add title>add 5 tags>give ratings> apply) before uploading your gig image>. It will help


The other things like games are supposed to be the topics of the server

And yes the service included upgraded title,desc and tags and SEO title

So you only set up servers for those games? That’s pretty limiting.

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Nah there are more subjects not just that if a buyer contacts me I can arrange

Fair enough, but think about it from a buyer’s perspective. If someone were browsing, looking to set up a comic or book or anime server and saw those tags, they might past you by, thinking you only serve gamer clientel.

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So do you suggest I add ‘If there are any other topics you want your server to be about, please contact me!’

Or make a FAQ.
“What other server types can you set up?”

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That doesn’t “rank your gigs”

Nowhere does using certain words mean you rank higher – not on Fiverr or anywhere. Please don’t make things up. That’s not at all how SEO works and no business would operate that way.

Folks, keywords can help you, but not if hundreds of thousands of other sellers are trying to use them, too, and not if people searching those words want something other than you.

Notice how the people here who share supposed SEO advice never factor in the role of competition, demand or user intent?


Hey buddy SEO will not work the same way as it work in Google.

to be honest we don’t know how fiverr algorithm works.

based on some assumptions and numbers I can share my experience.

what I believe is it’s the frequency between new orders and deliveries.

if you can get 2 new orders and delivered 2 orders in same week

you will see change in analytics by the end of the week.

work on getting new orders and deliver on time with less revisions.

hope this helps



What he’s describing doesn’t work in Google either, but yeah people need to stop thinking a marketplace algorithm will work the same way as a search engine algorithm.


Hmm so basically SEO is useless

Woah there goes my 7 dollars

If that didn’t work the way you wanted it to, then try something else. Being in business is all about experimenting until you find something that works.


That’s why you don’t buy services you don’t understand.