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Does SEO really get your GIG on the front page?


Just wanted to stop by and say it is pretty cool seeing your gig on the front page of fiverr. I guess SEO really does work.

Tip: Try to do SEO with your title, description and also the file name of your thumbnail. This worked for me.


For a bit clarification : Optimising the thumbnail/display images name doesn’t have any effect on SEO. Fiverr automatically renames the images to your GiG SEO title.

Btw how it’s a ‘Tip for Buyers’…


can you more clear what you exsactly did or suggest to do …??


Sometimes if you look at a certain gig a lot, fiverr will put that gig on the front page that YOU see.

Last time I looked it did that, a few months ago. I’m not sure if that is your gig there due to everyone seeing it on the front page, or just you seeing it.

All the gigs on your example are for the same type of gig so I’m thinking maybe if that is a screenshot of the frontpage you saw, it might be what happened, unless you mean on the front page of your category.


@misscrystal has it right.

To see if your gig is really on the front page, try an Incognito window (Chrome) or Private window (Firefox).

If you look at your gig, Fiverr remembers you checked it out, and puts it there again. A buyer who checked out your gig before is more likely to buy a gig they viewed previously.

If you view a gig a few times (yours or another), you’ll also often get an email later which shows the same gig… That doesn’t mean everybody else is seeing it, but you will as they use the same principles there. Many people need to see a gig X times before they order. Fiverr takes advantage of that behavior.