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Does sharing my gig in social media really helpful?

Why none of my gigs gets popular even though I offer unique services. I have a good rating and I drive traffic from social media to my gig but it doesn’t help me too

You are competing against thousands of other sellers who are offering the same type of services you are. It is not likely that you will become popular in an environment like this, unless you work hard to establish yourself, complete plenty of orders that earn positive reviews, and out-compete those thousands of other sellers. No seller is guaranteed orders just because they have gigs hosted on Fiverr.


can you please check what’s wrong with my gig

Hi sathishkumar103! If you have good number of population and professionals added on your social media accounts then you will surely get more clients/customers. In-case you don’t have professionals then invite and add more people/professionals in your social media accounts, share your freelancing profile on those of your social media platforms then more people will approach you.

You should get a customer base and work with it while you grow it with new leads. The key is to keep your actual clients.