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Does social click effect ranking?

My ranking rates are too low… even I have 7 gigs… I do not receive any order for the last 4 months for a specific gig for example… maybe the buyers cant see my gig on the search. i wonder if people click my profile , does it affect to my ranking?


thank you for replying my message @ahmwritingco ! nobody responds to any messages… what kind of forum it is. Please let me ask a few questions… Firstly, if buyers can’t able to see my gigs, how can we start to make a conversation :roll_eyes: Secondly, how can I know if the number of my impressions, views are high or low? Thirdly, does fiver promote level 1 profiles more than plain profiles?

You’re welcome!

It’s difficult to earn sales when just a few buyers see your gigs every day.

Social media marketing may be able to help you reach a new audience; however, this isn’t easy to do. The buyer request feature is also useful, but not everybody is able to see requests.

Appearing online can sometimes improve clicks and impressions, but this largely depends on the service a seller is offering. I’m not sure many textile buyers are looking for sellers who are immediately available.

At the very least, you should make sure your gig is optimised for selling – that you’re doing your best to convert the few buyers who do see your gigs. Make sure all aspects of your profile and gigs are clear and convincing.

If you are able to improve your conversion rate, even if not many buyers visit your gig every day, you may find your ranking improves over time.

We aren’t given great analytic tools to work with on Fiverr. This means we’re responsible for collecting and analysing our own data.

If you have friends on Fiverr who work in a similar field, they may share their stats with you, and you can compare yours with theirs. If you don’t have such friends, you can start keeping your own records.

Over time, you’ll learn what stats are normal for certain times of the year and for certain ranking positions.

Unfortunately, there’s no global Fiverr average for impressions, as every category is so different.

Level one sellers are eligible to be featured in Fiverr’s promotional material (think Facebook and YouTube ads).

Buyers are also able to filter for level one sellers, but I don’t think many do.

I don’t know whether level one sellers enjoy a better ranking position, on average, than unlevelled sellers. People have different opinions on this.

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wooow! what a detailed explanation. i really appreciate! very informative! thank you!!

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dear casualway. improve your gigs… foremost and important tip is to stay online and have patience. and yes please promote your gig on social network like fb or insta . for that u just need to join different social media groups according to your gig.
Also please check your tags and gallery
tags are 1 of the most important thing to increase ur impression and views.

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thanks for sharing your problem
I face same problem day by day my gig rank lost rank
i don’t what’s the problem

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thank you! @rahatyar ohh, i mean i did almost everything except putting a video… i will check new social groups… it is a smth i haven’t done (: i wonder if we are allowed for putting our internet site…

Being in a social group with a bunch of people who are in the same field as you won’t get you any more sales.

I think first you should create a single gig and get an order on it. But now as you have created 7 and all are active, So now you need to optimize all of your gigs as per Gig Seo standard and then share your gig on social media with others. I hope by doing this you can start getting ranking as well as orders.

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its upto you how strong your dealing power is dear.

good luck :slight_smile:

same :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

may you give me an example of this Gig Seo?

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Click on the link and see, If you have any query can ask.


From my opinion:

When u have 0 orders active, there is hard to get the first one, when you have atleast one or two orders active then it blows up. It happen always for me, when i get first one, then after a day its already 4 orders active.
I don’t post anywhere my gig, it stays only in fiverr. But i see social clicks going up, even i do not post nowhere. So it has to be somehow somewhere rated and building it up. But its only my idea of it.

it is strange… you do not post your gig anywhere but your social clicks going up! how it is possible :scream: so even i havent got what is social click then lol. thank you for sharing your experience @oskars25 !

It means, somebody share my gig to somebody or Fiverr put me on somewhere.

so you are successful (: congratulations @oskars25

Thank you, umm i love what i do, thats most important. The succes of growth

Lets say you’re in a room with 10 people and all 10 of them are sellers. Who are you going to be selling to?