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Does social media Promotion really works?


Hello there , many of the people advise me to promote my gigs on social media platforms.I need expert advise on how to do it properly as I have been posting my gig on many Facebook pages and twitter account but still don’t see any raise in my gig orders ?


i don’t think so!!!


Try this:


so what you guys recommend ? how can I promote my gigs ?


bdw here is my gig I am looking to promote


Yes social media promotion real works. Based on the website content niche. Websites social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Google+ regularly update the post with attractive creativity. The fans and followers increased. Got the traffic to website.

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Social media promotion will not work if you just want to create some new profiles and spam your gigs there. But it will work if you can provide some useful information in the correct social communities and build up your reputation. Then people will consider you whenever they have some requirements that your work can satisfy. It is very hard and long work to build a good reputation online.


Keep creating new gigs or change the description title and tags of your gig daily.
Keep patience you will get more orders in future