Does someone have suggestions for how to offer more gigs as you deliver the orde


I have started wondering if there is a way that is within the TOS to offer other gigs to a buyer as you deliver the order or afterwards. Has anyone tried this?


Can’t you just message them or post in the order page upon delivery saying that you also have the “X” gig which is related and you feel may help them?




I have been exploring the possibility of this too and I have decided to send an “about me” document to buyers who place an order.
I generally send an order acknowledgement to people, saying that I have received the order etc. and I think I will send it to people then. It will say a little about me and include the type of work I have done and am doing now.
It amazes me how often I begin doing a simple proofreading or translation for people who then ask me to do something completely unrelated because of how I have dealt with them or of something I said.
The client who sent me 500 words of marketing materials to proofread, which I did and also made 2 suggestions to improve it for the specific target audience which they did and were delighted with. I mentioned I had a good background in B2B proposals and so they then sent me more documents to analyse and improve and eventually I wrote their main slogan. This meant the initial $5 order became $60 worth of work which I would not have got had I not told them my background.

I think a neat and concise document which is not pushy or suggestive would be appreciated by most and certainly not against ToS. As a buyer, I am much happier to work with the same sellers as much as possible, even for different services.


I don’t know I’m right or wrong but whenever I deliver any work, I add my gigs’ links in delivery with words such as " See also".


According to my point of view if you want to sellers other gig along with your main gig . After work or during the conversation you can do cross selling of other gigs like I am also doing this type of work on fiver so if you are interested you can also order that gig . I had never try this personally so this is just my point of view. It can be possible . Pleas on some gig i have seen that they add other gigs link so that buyers also order those gig .


you are using cross selling marketing approach so i think buyer can look your other gig simply by vist your account so if he is interested he will purchased rather than putting links but during the conversation u can ask or offer gently about other services .


There doesn’t seem to be anything in the TOS that forbids to offer other services when delivering a completed work, in fact there is a button to encourage to ¨offer more extras¨. Personally I don’t use it, but I always put a P.S. at the end of my delivery note, or sometimes if the job is delivered in several stages, at the end of one of the deliveries, offering another service that can complement the gig ordered.


Good question. I’m curious to see all the answers as well. As for what I do currently… I don’t “offer” anything else when I deliver, other than to help them again in the future. BUT… what I do - that is similar - is open dialog with the customer throughout the order. I provide copy, so as I ask them questions about their current order… the conversation naturally goes to what they are using the copy for, etc… I use that conversation as an “in” to say, “Oh hey! I can help with that too!”

BOOM! Another order.


The best way is through extras… However i would not recommend generalizing your gig as expertise on one field is often proffered…



You should offer gigs Extras in place of the new gig,if you are selling new gig to him/her.


I like your observation - as a seller and buyer myself, I do prefer to order a gig from someone I’ve worked with previously. Thanks :slight_smile:


The solution to your problem is to make a 1-3 page PDF file which is essentially a portfolio of all your services. Consider it a menu, the same as you’d find in any fine restaurant. In fact, you can even assemble it the same way: your most expensive, highest-grossing, most popular menu items go front and center, and the least expensive, least-grossing, least popular items get small blurbs on lower on the list. Include this at the time of delivery for all new clients, and encourage them to review it and come back to you with any of their needs.

Also, consider the sales strategy of asking open ended questions. At the time you deliver your order, invite your clients to tell you three things they want to change about their lives. People will usually say what they think is expected for the first answer, but the third answer is typically what’s most important to them. Use that to open a conversation about how your services can provide what the buyer wants.


Just a couple things to consider:

  1. Know your industry: Typically, it’s always a good thing to shop around to see what your competitors are doing price wise, what’s included etc.

  2. Know your product: Keep in mind when buyers are asking questions or placing an order, you are the expert. It’s important to qualify the client and never assume anything. If you feel that there’s perhaps a more efficient, whether it be from a cost or time savings standpoint bring it up to your client.

and lastly, always under promise and over deliver.


if you got to realized that the buyer who bought your gig may need help which your other gigs related, i think you should give him message in detail.


Like your idea to let sellers know about buyers offers…


I love how buyers comes up with different great ideas here and this is one of them…i never offer other gig while delivering the order…but now will start doing it now…I like the idea of adding a document about my services with the delivery so that buyers comes to know about my services …


Nice suggestion


Provide them more extra things related to their work.
like if their work is regarding logo designing you can ask extra from them for designing them the business cards.